A straightforward start

Create your guide in just a few minutes

  1. Use our templates with the most important questions for hosts. Our wizard will guide you step by step through the creation process.
  2. Translate your guides into many languages. Our automatic translation saves you a lot of time.
  3. Order your starter kit with your Q-Shapes as stickers and flyers or design and print your Q-Shapes yourself.

Reduce your communication effort with Guides

Explaining made easy

With the individual Guides, you answer your guests’ questions, give them helpful tips or sell them products personally selected by you directly in your accommodation. In this way, qshape makes hosting easier and makes being a guest more enjoyable.


Create your Guides in up to three languages so your guests understand you.


Recommend interesting or useful places to your guests and show them how to get there.


Sell products or services directly in your accommodation and increase your turnover.

WIFI Connection

Give your guests easy access to your WIFI.

Pictures and videos

Instruct your guests with pictures or videos in an uncomplicated and understandable way.

Password protection

Password protect the content of your Guides and only show them to your guests.

Simple and beautiful

How to get our Q-Shapes

We will send you our Q-Shapes in various formats on high-quality, hard-wearing paper and as stickers. Or you can simply print them out yourself. Your guests will find the questions they are asking on them. The included code refers to the answer you have given in your guide.

Flexible and versatile

Address your guests directly with Q-Shapes

Discover our examples and scan the code on the Q-Shape or follow the link.

An easy start

With our templates you can simply get started

Our templates not only simplify the creation of your Guide, but also look great with their illustrations. But of course you can replace them with your own photos. The short instructions help you to find the right words.

Our template

Our template makes it easy for you to create your own Guide, as it already contains the most important questions, such as check-in / check-out, Wi-Fi access and arrival.


We are working on more templates that will make it even easier for you to create a Guide for your accommodation.

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