Less stress.

Happier guests.

Better reviews.

Smart guest services

qshape enables hosts to guide their guests safely and at any time. From check-in to operating the coffee machine – everything on your guests’ smartphones and without an app.

How does the coffee machine work?

Where can I buy groceries?

Can I use the washing machine?

qshape briefly explained

Guests scan codes to find out more

A Q-Shape is a flyer or small sticker with a code that your guests can simply scan with their smartphone camera. They are then immediately shown the information they need in order to:

  • know where to park
  • operate devices correctly
  • get information about the neighbourhood
  • find emergency contacts
  • buy drinks from the minibar via micro-payment
  • and countless other possibilities

You can easily create the guides yourself with our easy-to-use editing system. You will receive your Q-Shapes from us or you can simply print them out yourself.

How your guests use the guides

Give your guests easy access to answers to their questions

  1. With the Q-Shapes, you can provide answers wherever your guests ask questions.
  2. The guest scans the QR code with their smartphone…
  3. … and receives a precise answer in his language.

qshape helps you and your guest

Use the advantages of qshape

  • Overcome language barriers
  • Save time and explain things only once
  • Protect your furniture and inventory with precise instructions
  • Increase your turnover by selling products and services
  • Get better reviews through more satisfied guests

Why do I need qshape as a host?

Get inspired

Discover guides

Welcome to Tuscany

Find out what your guide could look like and what options you have to explain your accommodation to your guests and save them a lot of time.

Template for your guide

Creating your own guide is easy because we have already created templates for your guests’ most important questions. Our wizard will help you with the creation.

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