Our Q-Shapes should fulfil many requirements and be available to your guests for a long time so that they can easily find their way around their surroundings. They should look classy, but also be hard-wearing, because of course a guest might spill some coffee or wine on them.

So we are looking for a paper that enables an excellent print image, is washable, still feels good and, above all, looks good. In short: we are looking for the perfect paper!

To this end, we enlisted the help of an expert. Ilka Zoche from the renowned agency kocmoc.brand is exactly the right person for the job. She has been following her passion for production and, above all, printing on various media for many years and can describe a paper like a sommelier describes a good Bordeaux. We would like to thank her for her help and at the same time do a little advertising for her project Polygrafenkollektiv Leipzig 🙂.

Thanks to their recommendation, we were able to make a pre-selection and carry out extensive tests with the samples. Whether coffee, wine, ketchup or ice cream – our test series really was an endurance test for the test subjects. We tested a total of 7 different papers.

We were most impressed by Polyart Laser from Inapa and are already looking forward to sending you the first Q-Shapes free of charge.

Photo by K8 on Unsplash